Kamagra is one of the most popular and purchased generic Viagra

Kamagra is a generic Viagra. Like all known remedies, its main component is sildenafil, it is he who enhances blood circulation in the small pelvis. This gives the effect of an erection, and very strong. Kamagra has one of the best price-quality combinations. This drug is produced in the form of a gel, which has different tastes. You can choose one of several presented. The absorption of gel substances into the blood is faster than when taking tablets and the effect of the drug is accelerated.

Kamagra is one of the most popular and purchased generic Viagra. The drug belongs to an Indian pharmaceutical company and is developed in compliance with all technological standards. It helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction no worse than the original drug and is available in several forms, from which the consumer can choose the most convenient one.

It helps restore erectile function and slows down ejaculation, eliminating premature ejaculation. As a positive side effect in men, when taken, the general well-being, vitality improves and the immune system is strengthened.

By itself, the drug does not induce sexual desire: it only helps to relax muscles and improve blood flow. Free blood flow to the genitals is necessary for normal erection and increased sensitivity of erogenous zones. Kamagra also promotes the production of oxytocin and testosterone, hormones necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Thanks to this, intimacy can last 3-4 times longer, and the sensations from it become much brighter.

The remedy begins to act after 40, in rare cases – 60 minutes after ingestion and retains the effect up to 6 hours. The drug increases the body’s resistance to external negative influences, gradually restoring men’s health.

The most common form of the drug at Canadian Pharmacy is Kamagra Gold in tablet form. They are taken one hour before scheduled intercourse. The maximum dose per day is 100 mg, that is, 1 tablet. If the body is susceptible to the active substance, the dosage can be halved.
Before taking it, it is advisable to limit the use of fatty foods and alcohol: they can negate the effect of the drug, cause side reactions or slow down its absorption by the body, because of which the desired effect will appear later than expected.

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